The goal of Biblical Theology of Work which considers the whole canon of scriptures aims at a comprehensive understanding and practices of work as God intends for the ultimate goal of creation. There is a great famine in the heart of men to find meaning and make a lot difference through their vocation. After a formal training in Doctor of Transformational Leadership/Entrepreneurial Organization Transformation, Dr. Kinang was inspired to establish an Institute to further educate people in the Theology of Work Concepts and appreciation and Entrepreneurship since 2013. The first set of grandaunts is some of the instructors and staff currently under a direct supervision of Professor Larry Peadody from Bakke Graduate University Dallas, Texas in USA. The training has been conducted in Togo, Cameroun, Ghana, Uganda, New York City and several parts of Nigeria. The training is greatly a biblical application of God’s creation and Redemption mandates in an every day to day work place.